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Writing Services for Nonprofits and Conscious Companies

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Hello and thank you for visiting us online. We look forward ​to supporting your work as we empower you with the tools ​to grow your community, income, and impact. When you ​are ready to chat, feel free to tap the scheduling button ​below. In the meantime, please allow us to introduce ​ourselves.

We are happy people. We believe in the power of words.

We are using words to change our world for the better.

Who We Serve

Hope Writes is a niche creative ​writing company specializing in ​branding, copy development, and ​communications. Founded on the ​principle of communal ​responsibility, we prioritize ​partnerships with nonprofits and ​conscious companies who are ​passionately solving the world's ​challenges.

In alignment with our mission, ​we also support the social ​initiatives of corporations and ​the civic endeavors of local and ​state governments as they work ​to reduce economic barriers and ​systemic inequities.

With an unwavering belief that ​humanity can be made whole, we ​intentionally align with clients ​who share our vision of vibrant ​communities in a just world ​where there is equal access to ​joy.

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What Guides Us

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Our Mission

To promote positivity in the world inspiring humanity to use its collective power for the highest good.

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Our Vision

Empowered dreamers, ​visionaries, and ​changemakers equipped ​with the resources they ​need to do their best work.

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Our Values






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What We Do

We organize and transcribe client ideas to develop ​brand messaging, marketing tools, and community ​engagement strategies that lead to increased ​supporters, income, and impact.

Writing Services


Mission Statements

Vision Statements



About Us

Core Values

Goals & Objectives

Organization History


Value Propositions

Elevator Pitches


One Pagers

Capability Statements

Tip & Fact Sheets

Guides | Checklists

Digital Presentations

Pitch Decks

Media Kits

Letters | Formal Requests

Video Scripts

LinkedIn Pages





Email Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns

Press Releases


Blog Posts



Speaker ​Introductions

Resumes | CVs

LinkedIn Profiles

Virtual Introductions


Learn More

Capacity Building


Group Workshops for ​Foundations & Grantmakers


Communication Training for ​Nonprofit Leaders


Marketing Strategies for

Long-term Sustainability


Marketing Asset Auditing

and 1:1 Consulting

One-on-One Coaching for ​Mi​ssion-Driven Leaders


Communicating Your ​Organization’s Value


Marketing Yourself as a Subject ​Matter Expert


Developing Fundamental Sales ​Tools for Success




Count on us to make ​communications easy.

Our Process

5 Finalize & Feedback

3 Contract

1 Connect

Agency delivers final draft. Client pays remaining balance(s) due and completes survey.

Client reviews proposal, signs contract, and delivers deposit.

Client submits a project inquiry or brief.






2 Consult

4 Write & Review

Client clarifies goals via discovery call and/or questionnaire. Agency presents options, timelines, and next steps.

Client receives draft and replies with edit requests, questions, or concerns.

What Clients Say

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"Hope Writes helped me shape, define, and give a specific narrative to my business aspirations, developing a solid foundation to support my immediate goals and a clear blueprint forward. She assisted with creating an uncluttered and impactful mission statement easily shared with clients and potential collaborators which provided me with a confidence in my message and a direction that allows me to focus on my craft."

P. Sutton | Founder


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"Hope has helped us to considerably improve our marketing with her incredible writing... she brings great enthusiasm encouraging, and empowering her clients to confidently move forward...

L. Roe | Executive Director

Let's Talk About It- the Autism Center

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"Hope has helped us at A Better World to elevate our marketing and communications. It has made a significant difference in how we spread the word that we are open and serving. A Better World now has a seamless cycle of communications with Hope's passion coming through her writing."

T. Justice | Executive Director

A Better World

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"Hope has helped my business to grow tremendously... She is consistent, trustworthy, engaging, and consistently produces high quality work."

Dr. A. Polidore | CEO

Aqkwele's Consultants

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"CRC takes honor in serving the community. Hope has helped us convey our mission through her marvelous work and writing. Our website was a daunting task that Hope took on and conquered with grace."

Pastor K. Gilliard | Founder


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"HopeWrites has truly helped me with so many different projects for my company. She was so helpful in explaining how things worked from the marketing side. I didn't have to write anything alone. She did a great job!"

K. Marshall | Wellness Educator

K Naturals

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Need a resume?

You're in the right place.

From climbing corporate ladders ​to entrepreneurial pursuits- ​we've got your credentials ​covered.

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& Purpose

We are passionate about using our time, talent, and ​expertise to support socially conscious organizations, and ​we're committed to maximizing their impact. While our ​clients know they can count on our professionalism, for ​us, it's not just business- it's personal.

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